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President Kil-Choo Moon

Welcome to the International R&D Academy (IRDA) of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).

KIST IRDA aims to offer international educational programs that will produce high-quality professional human resources. Such professionals can lend their experience and expertise in the development of industrial technology in developing countries. Those who complete this educational program will be ready to immediately contribute to the industrial development of their respective countries. KIST will provide a tutorial system in which the educational process produces individuals with not only knowledge but also actual research experience.

Such a system is available through close cooperation between industry and the academy, which will provide unique educational programs for the training of professionals needed in the technological advancement of developing countries. KIST will ensure the fullfillment of the individual’s aim, to be at the forefront of technological development, and to meet the fierce challenges of the 21st century. Those with the vision and enthusiasm are welcome to join the International R&D Academy for a bright future and a better society!

President Byung Gwon Lee