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The goal of this program is to train and educate prospective scientists and engineers from developing countries to become the leading researchers in the academia and industry in their respective countries.
Emphasis is placed on transferring knowledge to developing countries, specifically: accumulated Korean experience in R&D, commercialization of innovative technologies and R&D management skills.

Training Scheme

The program is much more than a routine continuation of undergraduate courses. The scholarship awardees are requested to participate in KIST’s ongoing R&D projects, during which intimate and interactive learning facilitated by the individual supervision of KIST experts will be in effect. By working under the close supervision of KIST experts, who are scholars in their respective fields, the research student is encouraged to cultivate the capability to conduct his/her own original and independent research activity in due time.
It is believed that the scholarship awardees will be able to equip themselves with unmatched depths of experience and unique, multidisciplinary insights on R&D in science & technology. This will surely vastly contribute to their own countries’ benefit. The scholarship awardees will also have an opportunity to access Korea technology-related industries which, in due course, will bring good prospects of technology commercialization and offer future research directions.