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Information for 2017 KIST-IRDA Alumni Partnership Project
Subject 2017 KIST-IRDA Alumni Partnership Project
Author IRDA Date 2016-09-19
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KIST has provided the IRDA alumni with the opportunity to participate in the KIST-IRDA Partnership Project in order to stay connected, to maintain continuous and close relationship with the alumni, and to support their research activities. It is a great pleasure for us to make an announcement for the Project for the Year 2017. We expect for the vigorous participation of the IRDA alumni with innovative and entrepreneurial idea.

* Announcement of the Request for Proposal : September 13, 2016

* Deadline for Proposal Submission: September28, 2016 (by 24:00, Korean Time)

Submission E-mail Address: irda@kist.re.kr

* First Stage Evaluation Result Announcement: October 17, 2016

* Deadline for Presentation Materials Submission: October 28 (by 24:00, Korean Time)

The evaluation will be carried out via video or telephone conference. Detailed information on this will be announced later on.

* Second Stage Evaluation: To be announced

* Announcement of the Grant Awardees: the end of November

* Beginning and contract of the Project: the end of January, 2017
※ The above schedule is subject to change.

For further information, please contact as below:

Han La PARK, Administrator
International R&D Academy
E-mail: winkmemory@kist.re.kr
TEL +82-2-958-6153
FAX +82-2-958-6269
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