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Information for Guideline on UST Dissertation Evaluation, fall, 2016
Subject Guideline on UST Dissertation Evaluation, fall, 2016
Author IRDA Date 2016-10-06
Attachment 2016-2_Guideline on Disseration Evaluation,Fall,2016.docx Viewed 3,778
Guideline on Dissertation Evaluation is noticed as follows;

1. Schedule of Dissertation Evaluation

- Submission of Dissertation Evaluation Request: October 17th (Mon.)
- Dissertation Evaluation: October 19th~November 25th
- Submission of Dissertation Evaluation Result: November 28th
- Submission of Dissertation Books: ~ January 10th
/ for more details, Please refer to the attachments.

2. Others

- Checking Plagiarism is mandatory.
- Refer to the Dissertation Form : Homepage - Academic - Forms - No. 16 Guideline on Thesis Writing
- Students who have passed Dissertation Evaluation must upload the approved dissertation at dCollection.
- Dissertation books(Hard Cover)(1 original & 3 copies of the final version dissertation)

Please refer to the attachments.

UST Student Affairs Team : Kim Moonju
Office : 042-865-2332
Email: graduation@ust.ac.kr
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