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Information for 1st Overseas Exchange UST Program, 2017
Subject 1st Overseas Exchange UST Program, 2017
Author IRDA Date 2016-11-30
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Please be informed that the 1st Overseas Exchange Program 2017 is on the process.

1. Program

To evaluate and select students with outstanding research achievements within and outside the university,and to support them in becoming better aware of the latest science and technology trends through funding for research exchange including international academic conferences and seminars.

2. Qualifications

1) Ph.D Students who have completed at least two semesters or Integrated program students who have passed the Ph.D. (Master's students shall not be considered)

2) Students capable of fluent communication in English or the primary language of the destination

3) Students presenting at international conferences as first authors in January to March 2017

3. Application Period : 17:00 on Nov. 25 (Fri.) ~ 18:00 on Dec.6 (Tue.)

4. How to Apply : by Total Innformation system (http://edu.ust.ac.kr)

※ Recommendation Letter has to be sealed by the applicant's advisor and ted by post or visiting by the student or advisor(E-mail Recommendation Letter is not acceptable).

5. Evaluation : Comprehensive evaluation will be carried out by the Student Guidance Committee including academic grades, language ability, research achievements and plan.
※ Achievements which are not marked with UST cannot be accepted.
※ Detailed result of evaluation will not be open.

[Inquiry] Seri Na, Student Support Team

- Tel : 042-865-2323

- E-mail : srna@ust.ac.kr

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