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Recently, high oil prices, global warming and climate change due to human reliance on fossil fuels have become world-wide issues. National efforts to develop clean energy are becoming more important than ever in order to contribute to international activity for restoring the environment as well as to reduce the growing national dependence on imported petroleum.
Clean Energy and Chemical Engineering focuses on the development of core technologies and design of catalyst, reactor and process for the production of clean fuels(GTL, MeOH, DME), hydrogen production, CO2 conversion to clean fuels, and fuel cell system as alternative energy sources through catalysis and process technologies.

Clean Energy and Chemical Engineering Major
Key Facts
  • Chair Professor: Dong Ju Moon
  • Preliminary Basic Design for the Commercialization of GTL-FPSO Process : Design of Catalyst, Reactor & Process Preliminary Basic Design of GTL-FPSO Process, Design of Catalyst & Reactor for Clean Process
  • Development of Hydrogen Station, Fuel Processor & Clean Energy H2 Station / Reformer
  • Development of Key Technologies for Catalytic, Photo-electronic & Electronic Conversion of CO2 to Valuable Chemicals CO2 Conversion to Fuels
  • Gas Chromatograph(TCD, FID, SCD, FPD) & GPC
  • GC-Mass, Q-Mass with TGA, Xray-Diffraction Analyzer
  • N2 Physisorption /CO Chemisorption Analyzer and TPD/TPR System
  • Fuel Processor & Fuel Cell System, Catalyst Granulator
  • Various Reactor System(Gas/Liquid Phase, High Pressure, Parr Reactor..)
  • Impedance Analyzer, Magnetic Suspension Balance(MSB)
  • Mini-Compact GTL System/Compact GTL Pilot for GTL-FPSO Process
  • Supercritical Synthesizer with CO2
  • Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis over Cobalt based Catalyst Supported on Different Mesoporous Silica, Catalysis Today (2012)
  • Studies on the Steam and CO2 Reforming of Methane for GTL-FPSO Applications, Catalysis Today (2011)
  • Hydrotalcite derived Cu-Zn-Cr catalysts admixed with γ-Al2O3 for
  • Single Step DME Synthesis from Syngas, Catalysis Today,(2009)
  • Gold-based Catalysis for Green Chemistry: Low temperature CO oxidation and propene oxidation, Chemical Reviews (2007)
  • Ammonia Triborane: A New Synthesis, Structural Determinations, and Hydrolytic Hydrogen-Release Properties, J. Am. Chem. (2009)