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Climate change and global warming are widely recognized as the major problems facing the globe.
All the global problems mainly related to energy and the environment are complex and must be solved only through integrated interdisciplinary approaches.
The Department of Converged Energy and Environmental Engineering was established to meet the growing need for an interdisciplinary approach with special attention to the convergence that integrates advanced energy and environmental technologies.
The program aims to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will actively confronting these global challenges both through research and practice.

Energy and Environmental Engineering Major
Key Facts
  • Chair Professor: Oh, In-Hwan
  • Energy Storage Materials
  • Energy Conversion Technology
  • Heat and Fluid Flow in Porous Medium
  • Energy Saving/Harvesting Technology
  • Sustainable Water and Resources Reuse
  • Environmental Nano-Materials
  • Air Quality Monitoring and Modeling
  • Diagnosis and Control of Pollutants
green city mega plan
  • Dry Room and Equipment for Energy Storage/Conversion Technology
  • Hot-Wire Anemometry, Z-meter, Numerical Code for ODHS
  • Synchrotron based In Situ and Time Resolved X-ray Diffraction
  • Thin Film Deposition System (ECR-MOCVD, Sputter, EC coater)
  • Membrane Filtration System (MBR, MF/UF/NF/RO filtration unit)
  • Water/Air Quality (TOC, PSA, CA, spectrophotometer, AFM, FT-IR)
  • Contaminants Identification (HPLC-MS/MS, HPLC, GC/MS, GC, IC)
  • Biotechnology (PCR, RT-PCR, fluorescence microscope, fermenter)
  • Commercialization of highly efficient advanced wastewater treatment system (KIDEA, KSBNR, etc)
  • Papers :
    • - Journal of Membrane Science, 375, 63-68; Langmuir, 27, 10256-10264
    • - The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115, 25529
    • - Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 101, 1204; Nano Letters, 12, 4333−4335
  • Awards :
    Minister’s Award of the Ministry of Environment(2007, 2008), Civil Merit Medal of Korea (2012), Prime Minister Citation - Person of Merits (2012), Outstanding Research Project Award for Global KIST program (2009), Korea Battery Industry Association Chairman Award (2011)

Contact for more information

  • Oh, In-Hwan (Chair Professor)
  • Tel: +82-2-958-5801
  • E-mail: oih@kist.re.kr