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Recently, it is unthinkable to live without Post PC devices like smart phones, smart TVs, and embedded computing devices like cars and vacuum robots. Increasingly, physical devices becoming smarter with powerful embedded computing devices, requiring HCI students to understand the hard core computing subjects like numerical methods, computer graphics, distributed/embedded computing, artificial intelligence but also mechno-electronics. To exacerbate the situation, HCI is a subject that deals with how human may interact with these computing devices in the context of human activities, requiring basic understanding of human ergonomics, psychology, sociology, and even philosophy. It is very challenging to cover the breadth and depth simultaneously but it is equally exciting and rewarding to learn and research in this field.

HCI & Robotics Major
Key Facts
  • Chair Professor: Dr. Heedong Ko
  • Human Media Interaction
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Humanoid Robotics
  • Computer Vision
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality
  • Social Media
  • Smart UPnP Lego Home Smart UPnP Lego Home
  • Humanoid Robot Humanoid Robot
  • Smart AR Tablet Smart AR Tablet
  • Mobile AR Phone Mobile AR Phone
  • Tiled Autostereoscopic Display Tiled Autostereoscopic Display
  • Optical Motion Capture System
  • Papers :
    • - Prof. Lee, Sungon, “Real-time in vivo imaging of the beating mouse heart at microscopic resolution. Nat Commun 3, 1054, 2012
    • - Prof. Park, Ji-Hyoung, “Touch-Bookmark: A Lightweight Navigation and Bookmarking Technique for E-Books”, CHI 2011.
  • Awards :
    Prof. Yoo, Bum-Jae, Award by the President of Repulic of Korea, “Development of Network-based Humanoid Robot for Home Service”, April 2010.