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Center for Neural Science (CNS) at KIST provides the World’s leading graduate program for the University of Science and Technology (UST). Our graduate program offers outstanding opportunities for multidisciplinary brain researches based on convergent and cutting edge technologies as well as excellent faculty members, also provides utmost effective academic atmospheres supported by various intensive courses, stipend etc.

Neuroscience Maior
Key Facts
  • Chair Profrofessor: Cho, Jeiwon, Ph.D.
  • Axon Growth
  • miRNA
  • Transmitter Receptors, Ion Channel
  • Synaptic Plasticity
  • Neural Circuits
  • Glial Action
  • Behavior & Cognition
Behavior & Cognition
  • Multiphoton & Confocal microscopy
  • Behavioral Analysis Tools (water maze, pain test etc.)
  • EEG
  • Single Unit Recording
  • Slice Patch Recording
  • Optogenetic Tools
  • Virus Facility
Multiphoton & Confocal microscopyy
  • Neuron (2012) Single action potentials and subthreshold electrical events visualized in neurons using a novel fluorescent protein voltage sensor.
  • Cell (2012) TREK-1 and Best1 channels mediate fast and slow glutamate release in astrocytes upon GPCR activation
  • J Neurosci. (2012) Amygdalar Stimulation Produces Alterations on Firing Properties of Hippocampal Place Cells
  • The EMBO Journal. (2012) ) WNTs in Synapse Formation and Neuronal Circuitry
  • Science (2010) Channel-mediated Tonic GABA Release from Glia