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In recognizing the importance of multidisciplinary scientific research and study, KIST has integrated its academic program with the University of Science and Technology (UST). This integration has allowed UST to provide a degree program for all members of the consortium of various government-sponsored research institutions.

UST is now able to actively utilize the research institutions' high-level research knowledge, facilities and equipment, as well as to heighten the synergy of expertise from each institutions' human resources. By using the apprenticeship education model, UST endeavors to make its mark as a world class research institution through the implementation of an academic curriculum and in-the-lab research training. UST provides a superior standard of education, and in emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach, the UST cooperative encourages cross-functional applications in both education and research Courses taken at respected institutions earn credits towards the students' degree within the UST and KIST framework. IRDA Doctoral and M.S. graduates will receive degrees as KIST/UST graduates.