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Minimum Credits Earned

Master’s : 39 credits / Ph.D. : 45 credits / Integrative : 84 credits


  • - M.S.: 1) 1 (or more) proceeding, published in a Korean or Foreign scholarly Journal
    2) Patent application as 1st inventor
    3) Oral presentation as 1st author in international conference
  • - Ph.D.: 1 (or more) Publication by a student as the 1st author of international journal as SCI

Comprehensive Exam

Exam of fundamentals and expertise of major field by Written or Oral

Foreign Language Test

TOEFL:PBT 550/CBT213/IBT79, IELTS:6.0, TOEIC 730, TEPS:680

Thesis Exam (Dissertation)

Korean Test (TOPIK: Test of Proficiency In Korean )

Must be Level 2 or above (There are total 6 levels of criteria)

Must be Level 2 or above
Level Qualification
Beginner Level Level 1
  • - Able to basic language functions such as introducing oneself, purchasing products, ordering food, and expressing and understanding private and familiar topics.
  • - Able to generate simple sentences using a 800-word basic vocabulary and beginner grammar.
  • - Able to form and understand potential, everyday language.
Level 2
  • - Able to express language functions such as phone calls, asking favors, and using public facilities such as post offices and banks.
  • - Able to use a 1500~2000-word vocabulary to understand and express paragraphs involving private and friendly topics.
  • - Know how to use language in separate situations - official and unofficial situations.

* Please refer to more detailed information on www.topik.go.kr