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International students can stay in the dormitory for two years, and can extend it for a maximum of one more year if they submit an extension application. Two students share one room.
All accommodations are furnished with basic furniture, electronic goods, bedding and kitchen utensils. Room charge (120,000 won per month + utility charge) can be made from your monthly stipend. Room assignments will be determined after students' entry into Korea.



A cafeteria and a restaurant are available for dining.
Location: First Floor, Administration Building
Free daily dinner in on-campus cafeteria


Medical Service

KIST operates a medical room where the over-the-counter medicines are available. Free medical consultation service is also provided every Wednesday afternoon. IRDA provides primary insurance of medical expenses in case of accidents and illnesses free of charge.

Bank, Post Office, and Shop

The bank is located on the 2nd floor of the Laboratory Building 3 and is open from 09:30 to 16:00. The post office and shop are open during office hours. Living necessities are available at reasonable prices.