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  • Haile Yonas Sahlemariam
    Haile Yonas Sahlemariam
    Nationality : Ethiopia
    Program : Master
    Research Center : Imaging media
    Advisor : Ko Hee dong
    Thesis : A Context Based Pathfinder for Personalized Indoor Navigation Using Hierarchical Graphs
  • Yin Minghui
    Yin Minghui
    Nationality : China
    Program : Master
    Research Center : Functional Materials
    Advisor : Seok, Hyun Kwang
    Thesis : Variation of mechanical and bio-corrosion characteristics of Mg and Mg alloys with different processing routes
  • Huyen Thanh Vo
    Huyen Thanh Vo
    Nationality : Viet Nam
    Program : Master
    Research Center : Clean Energy
    Advisor : Lee, Hyun Joo
    Thesis : Study on the Dissolution and Derivatization of Poplar Wood using Ionic Liquids
  • Zeng Kewu
    Zeng Kewu
    Nationality : China
    Program : Ph. D.
    Research Center : Natural Products
    Advisor : Yang, Hyun Ok
    Thesis : Neuroprotective Effect of Modified Wuzi-Yanzong Prescription and Its Active Compounds
  •  Irawati Sylvia
    Irawati Sylvia
    Nationality : Indonesia
    Program : Ph. D.
    Research Center : Imaging media
    Advisor : Ko, Heedong
    Thesis : Exploiting the Semantic Model for the Adaptability of Multi Interactive Environments
  • Dasari Hari Prasad
    Dasari Hari Prasad
    Nationality : India
    Program : Ph. D.
    Research Center : High Temperature Energy Materials
    Advisor : Lee, Jong Ho
    Thesis : A Study on the Catalytic Performance of Nickel-Ceria/Zirconia cermet anodes for Internal Reforming SOFCs
  • Reddy Ullapu Punna
    Reddy Ullapu Punna
    Nationality : India
    Program : Ph.D.
    Research Center : Neuro-Medicine
    Advisor : Cho, Yong Seo
    Thesis : 1. Novel Methods for the Synthesis of Oxygen Containing Heterocycles via Prins Type Cyclization 2. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Homopiperazine Derivatives as T-type Calcium Channel Blockers
  • Muddassar Muhammad
    Muddassar Muhammad
    Nationality : Pakistan
    Program : Ph.D.
    Research Center : Neuro-Medicine
    Advisor : Pae, Ae Nim
    Thesis : 1. Identification of Novel Antitubercular Agents through Hybrid Virtual Screening Approaches. 2. Application of QSAR Approaches for Structural Studies of Different Kinase Inhibitors